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Berlin Cures was first to follow up on the scientific finding that there are a large number of diseases associated with pathological functional autoantibodies directed against G protein-couples receptors. Heart failure and Long Covid belong to this group of diseases. BC 007 can neutralize these autoantibodies and this is the reason why Berlin Cures has been working for decades to develop a product based on scientific knowledge that may help many suffering patients.  

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About us

Berlin Cures is home to an unrivaled platform technology established around „BC 007“, a novel drug which has the potential to revolutionize the treatment of a number of incurable diseases caused by pathogenic autoantibodies (AABs).

Our missionOur mission is to develop and market a novel pharmaceutical product based on the autoantibody neutralizing potential of our BC 007 platform technology. The goal is to make BC 007 available on the market as fast as possible for patients with Long Covid Syndrome and, in parallel, to successfully complete all clinical studies addressing heart failure.

Our visionOur vision is to become the world market leader for the neutralization of pathogenic functional autoantibodies (AABs). Our research data clearly show that compound BC 007 can help to significantly mitigate or even cure a set of diseases associated with autoantibodies, ranging from Long Covid Syndrome (LCS), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS), heart failure, and several more.

BC 007 platform technology

Our Technology

The aptamer BC 007 – a non-modified 15mer ssDNA oligonucleotide – is a compound capable of neutralizing functional autoantibodies (AABs) by simple intravenous infusion. It forms the basis of our platform technology and has so far proven to be a safe and effective medication method for autoantibody related diseases.

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Long Covid Syndrome (LCS)

Promising compassionate use treatments of patients suffering from Long Covid Syndrome (LCS) in summer 2021 indicated that BC 007 is the only drug worldwide that may cure LCS at the moment. We therefore, aim to make BC 007 available on the market as fast as possible for LCS patients.

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Heart Failure

Clinical trials with heart failure patients are far advanced (completion of phase IIa in 2022) and have so far been extremely successful. In fact, all patients treated with BC 007 feel well and show a clear and significant improvement of their heart ejection fraction. After a re-examination of the results to further verify the positive effects of BC 007, it is expected that a broad phase IIb/III study will commence in 2023.

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Test your blood for autoantibodies

Currently, we offer patients who wish to have their blood samples examined for LCS pathogenic autoantibodies, access to our proprietary Bioassay "Gold Standard Test". An application form describing the respective requirements, the costs, and procedure can be downloaded below.

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